Caring for Newborn Puppies

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Newborn puppies are probably one of the most adorable creatures you may come across in a home setting. As much as the experience of having puppies is positive for the mother, it can be an equally rewarding and full-of-cuteness experience for you if you take a few simple measures to ensure a healthy upbringing for the puppies during their first few weeks.

Where They Should Live

Right before birth and at the time of birth, the first step you should take is to provide a clean and warm place for the mother and newborn puppies to live. Although your pet dog may already have a home of her own in the form of a box for sleeping in, her puppies will require something safer, cozier and with better access to the mother. Using a small children’s inflatable pool is perfect for this (without water!). Line the inside of the pool with loads of towels and blankets to make the place warm and protective. Make sure you line the area underneath the pool with absorbable puppy pads though to prevent any fluids from seeping into your carpet or staining your floor as newborn puppies can create quite a mess!

Proximity Between the Mother and Her Puppies

Using the children’s pool will mean that there will be ample breathing space for the puppies too but it will also allow the mother to reach for them easily when they need her for cleaning and feeding. Storing them in a box is an option too but this is way better for access as the mother will be doing a lot of running to and from the pool and we don’t want her to get stressed over even the most tiny of delays when her pups need her.


Cleaning up the pool every 2 or 3 days is really important. As the pups will surely create a mess, they could get infected by their own waste and germs if you don’t clean the pool up in time. When cleaning though, use a gentle cleaner as any strong chemical that leaves a smell or has strong dyes will cause irritation to the newborn puppies. Make sure you keep the puppies clean too! Use a damp cloth to gently wipe each puppy when you think its getting dirty. Don’t get overwhelmed by their cuteness while doing this! Excessive cleaning or soaps should be avoided as the mother will be licking and cleaning them too.


Apart from emotional warmth that both the mother and the newborn puppies will need radiating from you, physical warmth is very important too as newborns are unable to regulate their body temperatures themselves. Keep the area around them warm and keep the puppies indoors during the first few weeks after birth. Use a mild a heat source too if you want.


If you keep these points in mind, observing your puppies’ birth and growing up can be an internally rewarding experience. It involves altruism but with good knowledge of being helpful to the puppies through altruism, you can ensure that the dog family will stay with you for life.